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Born in Hull, where he also attended art college, Trevor Key (1947-1995), was a hugely influential and respected photographer who worked primarily in the music industry.

His most iconic sleeve is perhaps Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, pictured*, though he would go on to work with art directors such as Jamie Reid and Peter Saville.

He also worked with bands such as Sex Pistols, Can and New Order – including on the iconic Technique cover, pictured** – and many others.

A selection of Key’s best work will be displayed in Trevor Key’s Top 40; a display case designed by British artist Matthew Darbyshire, that will be exhibited between September and December in libraries across Hull and Hull School of Art and Design.

This event has been organised by Scott King, Lesley Dilcock and Toby McFarlan Pond.



Trevor Key’s Top 40 launches at the Brodrick Gallery, Hull School of Art and Design, Queens Gardens, Hull city centre, on Wednesday 20 September 2017, from 6pm. 

Hull School of Art and Design, Hull city centre | Thu 21 Sept – Wed 18 Oct, 10am – 5pm.

Ings Library, Savoy Road | Fri 20 Oct – Fri 17 Nov. Please check the library opening times.

Fred Moore Library, Wold Road | Mon 20 Nov – Mon 18 Dec. Please check the library opening times.



Music and Pictures: The Influence of Trevor Key
Hull School of Art and Design, Hull city centre | 20 Sept, 6.45pm (Free)
Patrick Burgoyne, Ian Anderson, Toby McFarlan Pond and Scott King discuss Key’s influence and legacy.


IMAGE CREDITS: * Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, Virgin Records, 1973. Photography and design: Trevor Key; ** New Order, Technique, Factory Records, 1989. Cover: Peter Saville Associates and Trevor Key

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Mon 18 Dec 10.00am Free  
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Creative Credits

Trevor Key’s Top 40 is a project in the Hull 2017 Creative Communities Programme.