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From 24 to 26 March, live and media arts festival ReROOTed will take over Humber Street Gallery.

ReROOTed, a two-day takeover of Hull’s newest contemporary arts space, combines interventions, performances, installations and conversations, reflecting on the legacy of the former commissioning agency, Hull Time Based Arts (HTBA) and 10 years of the Running Out Of Time (ROOT) Festival.

Featuring new commissions and existing work by more than 25 international artists, including Alexandre Burton, Alastair MacLennan and Anne Bean, it is a celebration of the past and present, encouraging us to question our capacity for change and the possibilities that sprout as we re-root, transplant and grow.

The festival is completely free to attend, so drop in for a weekend of disruption, debate and chaos.


Friday 24 March


Give Me a Sign: Mark Waddell

Humber Street – 10am
A number of street signs created by artist Mark Waddell will be paraded on placards through the area surrounding Humber Street Gallery before being placed across the city.

Welcome & Coffee

Humber Street Gallery (Ground Floor) – 11am
A welcome from ReROOTed curators Mike Stubbs and Gillian Dyson.

Lineages: The Legacy of Live and Media Art in Hull

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 12.30pm
Bringing together influencers from the live and media art scene in the 1980s and 1990s, this panel looks into the HTBA ethos of risk-taking and collaboration as well as its legacy going forward. Curated by Helen Kaplinsky.

Quiver: Karen Christopher

Location TBC – 2pm
Karen Christopher’s Quiver is a stationary movement which appears to have no end or beginning. It comes as an answer to the question “what never stops?”.

Hoi Polloi: Leeds Beckett Performing Arts Students

Humber Street – 2.30pm
A series of solo performances by Leeds Beckett University Performing Arts students informed by an exploration into how we are shaped by our actions, how others see us, and the changing conditions in the world.

Authentic Deception Lecture: Tom Cassani

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 3pm
A performance lecture exploring Cassani‘s thoughts and findings on exposing and highlighting deception in performance.

Nowhere: European Cultural Collaborations Post-Brexit

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 4pm
Hull has always had strong connections to Europe and HTBA’s work reflected this, featuring regular commissions of digital work in collaboration with major European media art centres. Now that Brexit is taking hold, this panel discusses how arts and culture will be affected in Hull. Curated by Helen Kaplinsky.

Marking The Path: Ruth Levene

Humber Street Gallery (Second Floor) – 4.30pm
In the absence of visual cues, people tend to walk in circles, all the while believing they are walking in straight lines, says Ruth Levene. Her work Marking The Path draws from previous works in mapping our routes.

Official Opening Celebration: ReROOTed

Humber Street Gallery – 5pm
Join us to celebrate the official opening of ReROOTed, where an exhibition of new work by Alexandre Burton, Graham Dunning, Nina Edge and more will be launched.

Impacts+: Alexandre Burton

Humber Street Gallery (Ground Floor) – 7pm
Alexandre Burton activates the new iteration of stunning installation Impacts+ with a live performance.

Let’s Go! Filippos Tsitopoulos

Humber Street Gallery (Second Floor) – 8pm
Using fruit and vegetables to invent an imaginary reality between himself and the Fruit Market surrounding him, Tsitopoulos questions what would happen if objects could talk – what would they say and what should we say to them?


Saturday 25 March


Inspiration Exchange Workshop: Third Angel

ReROOTed Shop Unit – 12pm & 2.30pm
What do you find inspiring? This workshop from Third Angel encourages us to share the stories of things that have inspired us in exchange for the stories of others. Participants will be able to experience stories shared through a short performance taking place at 2.30pm.

Initiate Activate Generate

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 12pm
This panel discusses what contemporary artists are doing to disrupt the status quo and positively impact the world we live in, questioning what responsibility decision-makers have to support artists in their practice. Representatives from Studio Eleven, Live Art Bistro, Assemble Fest, Yorkshire Visual Arts Network and Steakhouse Live will join Gillian Dyson to reflect on their experiences of developing initiatives in the current socio-political climate.

Lair Rail: Alastair MacLennan

ReROOTed Shop Unit – 1.30pm
Known for his long, non-stop durational performance pieces lasting up to 144 hours, MacLennan reacts to political, social and cultural issues in this brand new performance for ReROOTed.

Skate Scores: Dani Abulhawa

Humber Street Gallery (Ground Floor) – 2pm
A rare opportunity for women and girls to explore the art of fluid movement and skateboarding in an urban space, lead by Dani Abulhawa. We’ll provide the skateboards, so come along and get your skate on. Participants must be aged 12+.

There are 10 places available so places must be booked. Details for booking will be released soon.

Launch: Performance Magazine Online

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 2.30pm
Between 1979 and 1992 Performance Magazine documented an extraordinary period of art in the UK. ReROOTed sees the launch of an online archive by Rob La Frenais and LADA, along with a film screening by Hugo Glendinning, a performance by Anne Bean and a discussion about the magazine’s legacy.

iHull: Ronald Fraser-Munroe

Humber Street Gallery (Second Floor) – 3pm
Resurrecting his 1997 classic Der Wandersmann (The Wanderer) performance and digital artwork, Fraser-Munroe presents remixed extracts from his audiovisual archive of Hull.

Coming Home: Gillian Dyson

Studio Eleven, Humber Street – 3pm
A new performance work by Dyson for ReROOTed, taking the context of a ‘home city’ to explore the memory of objects using a table, crockery and found materials from the Humber Street vicinity.

Post Reality – Laws of Similarity and Contagion: Anne Bean

Humber Street Gallery (Second Floor) – 3.30pm
As part of the launch of Performance Magazine Online, Anne Bean will tap into some principles of Sympathetic Magic to conjure with her 45-year art practice and her long-term involvement with various Hull-based projects.

Rooted Out: Rob Gawthrop & Jo Millett

Humber Street Gallery (Second Floor) – 4.30pm
In light of the recent vote to leave the EU, HTBA founding members Gawthrop and Millet re-purpose the early films of G.A. Smith, overlapping and live soundtracking them to explore what this means.

On The Cusp of Greatness: Mark Waddell

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 5pm
Mark Waddell presents poetic intoxications from his latest collection.

Filippos Tsitopoulos

The Horsewash, known in Hull as “Oss Wash” – 5.30pm
For his second performance of the weekend, Filippos Tsitopoulos takes his exploration of objects and environments to Hull’s “Oss Wash”.

FK Alexander

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 6pm
Using VHS, frequency, force, strobe and hammers, FK Alexander explores the decline of western civilisation, our animal ways and our survival instincts.

Citation City: People Like Us

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 8.30pm
Vicki Bennett presents an audiovisual performance work collaging 300 feature films based or set in London. Creating a story within a story of the film world over many years, we find out what happens when these multiple narratives are combined.

Hive Synthesis: Bioni Samp

Humber Street Gallery (Ground Floor) – 9pm
Hive Synthesis is an audio journey inspired by Bioni Samp‘s desire to learn about bee frequencies, creating musical pieces that raise awareness of bees and their increasing fragility. Bioni’s performance will be followed by a DJ set.

Mechanical Techno Live: Graham Dunning

Humber Street Gallery (First Floor) – 10pm
In this live audiovisual performance, Graham Dunning builds a mechanical contraption on top of a turntable to create wonky, dynamic dance music.


Look out for…


Group Exhibition

A collection of installations and artworks will unfold alongside the performance programme in the Humber Street Gallery throughout the weekend. Work from Alexandre Burton, Graham Dunning, Nina Edge, Filippos Tsitopoulos, Ronald Fraser Munroe, Ruth Levene and Simon Poulter will be presented alongside items and films from the ReROOTed archive. 

Plus some other surprise performances

Artists Hollington and Kyrprianou, Dave Lynch and Mark Waddell will be popping up in the area around the gallery and throughout the city centre, so keep your eyes peeled!

Coming soon

During ReROOTed, Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network (YVAN) has commissioned an artist to create a work in response to the two day takeover. The resulting work will be presented at YVAN’s Nourish 2017 regional conversation in autumn this year.


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Creative Credits

ReROOTed is brought to you in collaboration with Hull Time Based Arts (HTBA) and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), with support from Leeds Beckett University. ReROOTed has been made possible with support from Arts Council England.