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Alexander Reichardt is an artist and designer whose unique creativity reflects his life-long relationship with the sea and especially of the Aegean. He has travelled widely throughout the Mediterranean world and has lived for many years on the Cycladic island of Naxos where, with his wife, the celebrated potter Katharina Bolesch, he has established the internationally acclaimed Fish & Olive gallery in the ancient village of Halki.

Reichardt’s compelling imagery is based strongly on the motif of the fish as the all-encompassing symbol of the sea and its fruitfulness. His exquisite fish designs feature on the ceramic and porcelain work of Bolesch and are incorporated into artefacts of luminous beauty that include silver jewellery, Naxian marble, brass, wood, and lithographs.

From his earliest years, Alexander Reichardt has engaged with the sea in every way and most intensely through scuba diving, a pursuit that has invested his art with its unique aesthetic. Such close engagement has also imbued him with a profound sympathy for the marine environment in general and his engagement with marine conservation is expressed through his close association with the Cousteau Divers.

Thus, respect for the sea, for its beauty and its danger, defines Alexander Reichardt’s aesthetic and ethical view of the marine environment. He believes that the rich diversity of the Mediterranean that has captivated him from his earliest years has been greatly diminished in his own lifetime. His artistry and his beautiful images are a celebration of that diversity and reflect also a powerful plea for its recovery and restoration.

Admission to the gallery is free with a standard ticket to The Deep.

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Wed 1 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Thu 2 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Fri 3 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sat 4 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sun 5 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Mon 6 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Tue 7 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Wed 8 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Thu 9 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Fri 10 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sat 11 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sun 12 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Mon 13 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Tue 14 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Wed 15 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Thu 16 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Fri 17 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sat 18 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sun 19 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Mon 20 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Tue 21 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Wed 22 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Thu 23 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Fri 24 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sat 25 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Sun 26 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Mon 27 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Tue 28 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Wed 29 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Thu 30 Nov 10.00am TBC  
Fri 1 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sat 2 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sun 3 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Mon 4 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Tue 5 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Wed 6 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Thu 7 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Fri 8 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sat 9 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sun 10 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Mon 11 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Tue 12 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Wed 13 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Thu 14 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Fri 15 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sat 16 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sun 17 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Mon 18 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Tue 19 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Wed 20 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Thu 21 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Fri 22 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sat 23 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sun 24 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Mon 25 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Tue 26 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Wed 27 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Thu 28 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Fri 29 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sat 30 Dec 10.00am TBC  
Sun 31 Dec 10.00am TBC  


Tower Street
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