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A beautiful powerful and whimsical performance which engages with enfranchisement of children, trust in the younger generation, and the thrills and chills of vanity.

‘Haircuts by Children’ is exactly what it says on the tin: a group of children are given a crash course in hairdressing and run a salon where they offer free haircuts to members of the public. Haircuts By Children invites you to take part in an event that will test your courage and faith in the future. Surrender your preconceptions (and your scalp) to the aesthetic choices of these mini-barbers. A whimsical piece that plays with the enfranchisement of children and the level of trust we afford them, and creates a dialogue between groups not used to such a reversal of power, especially one in which our vanity is put to the test!

Let them cut your fears away as they prove themselves leaders of the future, capable and responsible citizens and dedicated coiffures.

 Usually adults are the boss of us and we don’t get to do this kind of stuff because we are little kids and we have to wait until we’re older. It is really surprising that adults will let us do that to their hair” Adien, 10 years old.

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