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The enthusiastic circus director bangs his drum, crashes his cymbals and dreams of having his giraffes jump through circles of flames. His young wife, a gorgeous diva, sings on and on, gathering beautiful red giraffes around her in a lyrical kind of animal taming.

A huge herd of playful red giraffes follows them gracefully through the centre of Hull.

They march on, their huge silhouettes seemingly projected onto the front of the buildings they pass.

Their long necks and pretty heads flirt with the people on the ground.

Manipulated, articulated and inhabited by an invisible spirit of playful energy they sometimes enjoy their games a little too much but occasionally may let themselves be tamed if you’re lucky.

With a healthy dose of clowning, bangs, live music and theatrical madness, the travelling band gets carried away inside a crazy riot of colour and carnival as they pass through our city.

But where will this all end…. Madness – Love – Marriage – Circus… who knows but I can only imagine it will be very loud and very colourful!?

A large-scale fun filled spectacle for all the family to enjoy as it weaves its way through the centre of Hull and to celebrate this year’s 10th anniversary of the Freedom Festival, don’t miss this!!


Starting at King Edward Square, ending at Trinity Square

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  • Family Friendly


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