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Carnivalesque! Total Art 2017, an exhibition that disrupts expectations at the Museum of Club Culture.

On exhibition will be films, paintings and sculpture that embody the spirit of Carnival.

Throughout 2017 Mark Wigan will be live drawing and painting at the museum creating large scale works that employ biting humour, satire and the grotesque to mock and challenge traditional social hierarchy.

Mark Wigan is an English born contemporary visual artist recognised internationally as an influential illustrator and a pioneer of urban art in London, New York and Tokyo during the 1980s. His work explores and responds to anthropology and subcultures and he is the co founder and curator of the Museum of Club Culture in Hull with artist Kerry Baldry.

Drawing is an integral part of his practice. It provides him with the freedom to improvise, and visualise ideas which are often later translated into paintings.

The drawings are preparatory works for paintings and  original works in their own right. Wigan’s free flowing mark making concurrently combines elements of deliberate control and chance, as he moves from the conscious mind to the unconscious to make a world of his own creation. Wigan works across a diverse range of mediums including felt tip pens, paper, biro, coloured pencils, ink, tape, collage and pastels which he applies to paper, floors and walls.

His recent drawings are characterised by a move to abstraction. They teem with biomorphic forms, and are intuitive, playful and intriguing. Through the manipulation of lines, mass and space the new works explore the relationship between, mark making, dance and music.

Wigan experiments with a range of visual languages and materials while retaining a unique and singular artistic vision.


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Suite 5, Bond 31
42 High Street


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