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Hot on the heels of our debut festival and sell-out shows, we’ve got an incredible line-up for our second Back To Ours festival, which will take centre stage on your doorstep during the May half-term holidays.

Taking place from 30 May to 4 Jun, our May festival will certainly put a spring in your step as we keep the kids, adults and even the grandparents entertained with award-winning shows across every corner of Hull.

This time, expect even more magical moments, heartfelt stories and belly-laugh funny jokes, as well as jaw-dropping acrobatic awesomeness, as we once again transform our community venues into festival hotspots.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring a friend. Bring your parents. Bring your kids. Heck, bring everyone Back To Ours this May half-term holiday.




Sirius Academy West

Wed 31 May
The Funny Thing About | 3pm (BSL interpreted) | £2.50-£5

Thur 1 June
LIFE & Black Delta Movement | 7.30pm | £2.50-£7.50

Sat 3 June
Tipping Point | 2pm & 7.30pm | £2.50-£7.50

Sun 4 June
Tipping Point | 2pm | ££2.50-£7.50

Hymers College

Tue 30 May
Picture House: Lion King | 2pm | £2.50
Picture House: Sing-A-Long Grease | 7.30pm | £2.50

Wed 31 May
Yvette | 7.30pm | £2.50-£5

Sat 3 June
The Boy Who Bit Picasso | 11am (Relaxed performance) & 2pm | £2.50-£5

William Gemmell

Thur 1 June
Word On The Street | 7.30pm | £2.50-£5




Kingswood Academy

Thur 1 June
Yvette | 7.30pm | £2.50-£5

Fri 2 June
The Boy Who Bit Picasso | 11am & 2pm | £2.50-£5

North Point Shopping Centre

Wed 31 May
Word On The Street | 7.30pm | £2.50-£5

Sat 3 June
Audio Subscene | 7.30pm | £2.50-£7.50

Winifred Holtby Academy

Tues 30 May
Tipping Point | 7.30pm | £2.50-£7.50

Wed 31 May
The Funny Thing About | 11am | £2.50-£5
Tipping Point | 2pm (Relaxed performance) | £2.50-£7.50

Thur 1 June
Picture House: Lion King | 2pm | £2.50
Picture House: Sing-A-Long Grease | 7.30pm | £2.50




Freedom Centre

Tue 30 May
Word On The Street | 7.30pm | £2.50-£5

Fri 2 Jun
The King Blues | 7.45pm | £2.50-£7.50

Sat 3 Jun
Picture House: Lion King | 2pm | £2.50
Picture House: Sing-A-Long Grease | 7.30pm | £2.50

Sun 4 Jun
The Boy Who Bit Picasso | 11am & 2pm | £2.50-£5

Archbishop Sentamu Academy

Thur 1 Jun
The Funny Thing About | 11am & 3pm | £2.50-£5

Fri 2 Jun
Yvette | 7.30pm (BSL interpreted) | £2.50-£5


Of course, a festival wouldn’t be a festival without food and drink to accompany the entertainment – enjoy popcorn with your film or a cheeky beer with your comedy at our festival café and bar, which will be popping up at our shows.

With prices starting from just £2.50, pick up tickets at our four neighbourhood box offices from the 12 May. Find these at the Freedom Centre, North Point Shopping Centre, Hull City Hall and the Information Pod at Hull Paragon Interchange or simply book online here.

We aim to have remote box offices at venues during each festival but this is dependent on ticket availability so best to grab yours now!

Don’t forget to save the date for our third and final festival which will take place during the October half-term holidays (27 Oct-4 Nov). Our final Back To Ours festival of the year, and we promise you don’t want to miss out, as we’ll be going out with a bang.

Back To Ours is produced by Hull 2017 and Ed Collier at China Plate, Lee Fells at Leeds International Film Festival, Film Hub North, The British Film Institute, Dean Shakespeare at Revolver, Under The Influence and our amazing venue partners: Archbishop Sentamu Academy; Hymers College; Kingswood Academy; North Point Shopping Centre; Sirius Academy West; The Freedom Centre; William Gemmell; Winifred Holtby Academy.

Back To Ours Festival - Jenny and Lee of Gogglebox. Photo: © Tom Arran

Event Type

  • Family Friendly

Date Time Price  
Tue 30 May 2.00pm £2.50 - £7.50  
Wed 31 May 11.00am £2.50 - £7.50  
Thu 1 Jun 11.00am £2.50 - £7.50  
Fri 2 Jun 11.00am £2.50 - £7.50  
Sat 3 Jun 11.00am £2.50 - £7.50  
Sun 4 Jun 11.00am £2.50 - £7.50  


If you have purchased a ticket for an event/activity at this venue through hull2017.co.uk, please do not contact the venue direct with enquiries for that purchase as they will be unable to help.

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