The Seasons

We’re curating four seasons of awe-inspiring culture, each reflecting something different about this unique and fiercely independent city.

It’s our turn to show there’s so much more to Hull’s story than people ever expected. We’re throwing the doors wide open and inviting the world, as Hull begins to curate an amazing year-long celebration of traditional and contemporary culture in the city.

The programme runs from 1 January to 31 December 2017, with events taking place right across the city. The year is split into four seasons, each with something distinctive and intriguing to say about Hull and its place in the world.

Jan – Mar

In this opening season, we welcome the world to Hull.

We’ll challenge preconceptions and show people what Hull is really made of and the many incredible things Hull has made for the world. From art to industry, Hull has long inspired great people and great ideas.

The spirit, the stories, the talent of this city will all be evident in our first season. We’ll share with everyone what the people of Hull have known all along – that this city has contributed enormously to ideas that have changed and enriched the world.

Apr – Jun

Hull is a gateway to Europe, a city connected to a globalised, digital world. This is a place of migration and transitions; like the tidal movements that govern its rivers, it is in constant flux, often buffeted by outside influences beyond its control.

Where paths cross and journeys begin, this season will explore Hull’s unique place in a constantly changing world. With a distinctly international flavour, new partnerships and collaborations will form as Hull takes its place at the centre of UK culture.

Jul – Sep

The city enters its summer season, packed full of festivals and events that celebrate Hull’s rebellious streak and its freedom of thought, unbound by convention.

Our third season not only explores the pivotal role Hull played in the emancipation movement, as it helped to ignite the still unfinished global journey towards equality and social justice for all, but will also look at broader interpretations of freedom as a platform to create and debate, share and enjoy, reflect and reimagine.

Oct – Dec

As the year draws to a close, we’ll start looking to the future and exploring what’s next.

We will celebrate the qualities that made Hull stand apart in an unforgettable year. Our sense of independence, our individuality, integrity and sense of humour.

We’ll look at how Hull is redefining itself as a key city within the North; a place reborn, with the voice and confidence of a city on the up.

The story starts here. Who knows where it will end?


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