Looking to the future

Hull 2017 looks to the future.

When Hull bid to become UK City of Culture 2017, those going for the title – the city council, cultural institutions, local artists, non-cultural organisations, businesses and the residents – could not have anticipated what was to come. Of course, they wanted it to be a success, but the response has exceeded expectations in the city and across the country.

From the quality of the art, to the extraordinary volunteers and the reach into communities and from the change in perceptions, to the increased pride and participation in the city, this momentous year touched many people’s lives and permeated national consciousness on a scale never anticipated.

Culture Company, which was set up to deliver the Hull 2017 programme, oversaw 365-days of arts and culture across four seasons, with more than 2800 cultural events and activities, including 465 new commissions, at more than 300 venues, galleries, museums and public spaces throughout the city, attracting 5.3m audience visits.

Culture Company will play a part in Hull’s future, carrying on as a permanent national arts company based in the city. Building on the success of Hull 2017, its core purpose will continue to be commissioning a world-class arts programme for residents and visitors, working strategically with partners inside the city and across the UK to cement Hull’s reputation as a city where culture and creativity thrive.

Led by creative director Katy Fuller and executive director Emma Morris, and with cultural specialist Lee Corner as the new chair, it will contribute to wider legacy plans initiated by Hull City Council that have been in place since 2013.

The company will also continue to run the volunteering programme, as well as offering opportunities for wider engagement and learning linked to the creative programme. As part of the company, Humber Street Gallery, initially conceived as a pop-up gallery for 2017, will remain as a dedicated space for contemporary art.

We will be announcing more plans over the coming months, so keep checking for updates.