Hull 2017 are carrying out this tender process in order to collate a roster of Independent Qualitative Consultants to work alongside staff at Hull 2017 to plan and deliver high-level qualitative research to monitor Hull 2017 performance against objectives.

The requirements will vary from project-to-project dependent on the specification outlined in the brief. There will be requirements at various points throughout the term – some of these may include research design, consultation with the general public, depth interviews, running creative workshops and feedback sessions, case study exercises, tiered research with artists, high-level influencers and the general public, as well as providing full analysis of research findings.

Hull 2017 are seeking to appoint research consultants with experience and expertise in one or more of the following; in depth interviews, hosting creative research sessions, working with creative artists and creating case studies based on research findings.


Advertise ITT: Friday 3 March 2017

Register intent to bid for this ITT to in order to receive responses to clarifications: Friday 10 March 2017

Deadline for receipt of clarifications: Wednesday 15 March 2017

Target date for responses to clarifications: Wednesday 22 March 2017

Deadline for receipt of Tenders: by 17.00 Monday 3 April 2017

Evaluation period: 4-12 April 2017

Successful bidders notified: Thursday 13 April 2017


Part 1 – Instructions to Tenderers [.pdf]

Part 1 – Appendix 1 – Draft Framework Agreement [.pdf]

Part 2  – Assessment Questions [.docx]

Part 2 – Appendix 1 – Organisation Details [.docx]

Part 2 – Appendix 2 – Financial Technical and Quality Questionnaire [.docx]