Land of Green Ginger

Across the city. Throughout the year.


There once was a land that nobody believed existed. And every day people passed by it or around it or over it or through it, but never once saw it or felt it or heard it or knew any person or thing in it. Until, one day, the land revealed itself….

Have you heard about the discovery of a secret underground vault filled with packing crates?

Have you read about The Green Ginger Fellowship who are investigating the find?

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Act VI – Land of Green Ginger Unleashed

by Macnas

The Land of Green Ginger was called back, but not before one more Act of Wanton Wonder. The full force of the city’s imagination was unleashed in a procession through the streets of the Old Town.

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Act V – Micropolis

by Davy and Kristin McGuire

The doors to Springhead Pumping Station opened for a fortnight, allowing us to explore a bustling city in perfect miniature.

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Act IV – Re-Rediffusion’s Voice Park

by Aswarm

We played with the collective power of Hull’s voice, and helped Re-Rediffusion in their quest to find the elusive Essence de Voix…

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Act III – The Longhill Burn

by And Now:

At nightfall on 15 July we gathered together for music, dancing, surprises and the lighting of a huge and beautiful bonfire…

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Act II – The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

by Joshua Sofaer

After years lost in the mist of legend, The Gold Nose of Green Ginger was returned to Bransholme for a momentous residency at North Point Shopping Centre. It has now taken up a new home, on display at Hull History Centre for the foreseeable future.

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Act I – 7 Alleys

by Periplum

7 Alleys, created by outdoor performance company, Periplum, took over East Park with a fusion of music, fire, live performance and pyrotechnics, bringing an East Hull urban legend to life for the local community.

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