Community Brand

Want to be part of the story? Let’s make a difference together.

The Hull 2017 Community Brand is a way you can publicly show your support for the UK City of Culture. It’s a stamp of support and a commitment to help make 2017 fantastic.

We know each and every one of you will be key to Hull 2017’s success. Perhaps you run a youth club, or want your school to be involved? Perhaps you’re a keen ambassador who helps out in your local community and is eager to spread the word with hard to reach members?

No matter how big or small, if you can show positive social action, we’d love you to get in touch with us about using the Hull 2017 community brand for free online.

Read through the points and case studies below and if you feel you are doing something to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the community brand:

  • To share your story and advertise your events
    Once you’ve been given access to the community brand kit in our Brand Centre, play around with it. Use the logo on your posters. Or download a poster template. See that square in the centre of our versatile logo? That’s where your event info goes, to make sure community events are right where they belong – at the heart of Hull 2017.
  • To raise awareness of Hull 2017 in your community
    Wear your pin badge with pride. Put up a poster or a window sticker. Heck, get the bunting out.

Who can apply to use it?

  • Individuals who want to show support
  • Community groups taking coordinated social action ready for Hull 2017
  • Schools running activities linked with Hull 2017’s programme
  • Voluntary-sector or non-profit groups supporting Hull 2017’s goals of accessibility and inclusivity

Who can’t use it?

  • Promoters of artistic or cultural events and private-sector organisations that are not official funding or creative partners of Hull 2017.
  • Charities or non-profit organisations using Hull 2017 for fundraising or campaigning.
  • Organisations not ethically aligned to Hull 2017’s values.
  • Anyone using the brand for political, financial or personal gain.


We’ve put together a handful of case studies that we believe demonstrate positive social action in our community. Each of our case study organisations will be using the Hull 2017 Community Brand; read on and get in touch if you’re also making an impact – big or small – in your local community


The Avenues Open Gardens
This much-loved summer event invites the gardeners of Hull to check out each other’s perennials. Run by a core committee with a team of volunteers, the Avenues Open Gardens is getting neighbours chatting and encouraging gardeners to share their green-fingered endeavours with the community.

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Community Brand Case Study: Butterflies

Set up to help memory loss fighters, their families and carers deal with the challenges of dementia, Butterflies offers support for what can be an isolating and frightening condition. The volunteers and staff here run activities in a safe, supported environment, and help raise awareness of dementia through the arts.

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Child Dynamix
An inspirational charity, Child Dynamix supports families with children of all ages. Through its children’s centre and The Hut youth centre, it runs activities from baby massage to sports and youth clubs. Now, it’s appointed a UK City of Culture champion to help spread the word on the streets about 2017.

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Cleeve Primary School
Pupils here already have the chance to aim for top-level arts awards. Now, Cleeve has plans to branch out into community arts. It’s a creative place, where staff and children are excited about what 2017 will bring. “At Cleeve, we achieve” is their motto. We don’t doubt them one bit.

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Freedom Road Creative
The road to freedom isn’t always easy for the young people who benefit from this charity. Freedom Road Creative Arts offers drama, singing, dancing and creative writing classes to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a go. In 2017, this talented bunch hopes to get involved and volunteer.

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Hanover Residents Association
Age is no barrier for those living at Hanover Court. The residents’ association at this over-60s sheltered housing complex is already working on ways to help everyone in its community access events in Hull 2017. It also helps residents to enjoy a good social life – from theatre trips to bingo.

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Hessle Road Network
It’s all about changing young lives at Hessle Road Network. Volunteers and workers at this vibrant youth hub support nine to 21-year-olds, providing access to arts, crafts and sports. For some, it’s a refuge. For others, a fresh start. For all, it’s a safe place where they can be themselves.

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Language Café
What better way to spend an evening than practising a new language, over tea and cake? Hull’s Language Café takes inspiration from similar European projects, designed to encourage people to share their new language skills. Want to try out your conversational Spanish? Greek? Polish? Find out more and join them in the café.

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Rainbow Garden
A quiet burst of colour nestled within a busy north Hull housing estate, Rainbow is a real gem of a community garden. Not only has it won awards, the plot is now seeing its second generation of gardeners coming along to grow veg, learn new skills and share green-fingered tips.

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Street Angels
These real-life superheroes give up their weekend evenings to help vulnerable people in Hull city centre. From 10am to 2am, they patrol the streets, seeking out those in need. Trained first aiders, these saviours of the streets give out water, flip-flops and foil blankets, and help people get home safely.

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Think you know the WI? Think again. Hull’s branch may be called Apple Crumble and Stitch, but this group shakes it up a bit with everything from cocktail tasting to burlesque. Next year’s programme will follow Hull 2017’s seasons: Made in Hull; Roots & Routes; Freedom; and Tell the World.

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