15 Apr 2016

One Fabulous Feather Frenzy

If you thought things were getting exciting with Sea of Hull, imagine a sea of feathers.

We’ve called upon a group of angels who will descend on the residents of Hull during a stunning summer’s evening on July 2, gliding along invisible zipwires and completely covering spectators with a spectacular shower of white feathers.

Each with their own unique character and glittering get-up, the angels will resemble majestic snowflakes who will spin, twirl and hurl through the sky. The show will lead on to a whirlwind of feathers being blast through the air, gathering to form one epic feathery frenzy.

Place des Anges – which is being presented by Yorkshire Festival and Hull 2017 – will be showcased at Queen’s Gardens in Hull, as the ultimate finale to 18 days of arts activity including world-class music, dance and theatre held by Yorkshire Festival 2016. The aerial spectacular will be presented in association with the Amy Johnson Festival, who are celebrating the achievements of pioneer pilot Amy Johnson from July 1. (Be sure to check out their plans for A Moth for Amy too – pretty amazing stuff.)

Originally created by Stephane Girard and Pierre Bidot, Places des Anges has been performed all over the world, with the angels previously descending on London, Marseille and Madrid. Their performance in Hull will no doubt capture the remarkable and breathtaking display of a dreamlike spectacle. Prepare to see Queen’s Gardens in a whole new light, after a mesmerising performance that you’ll never forget.

So grab your halos and come out to play.

Tickets are free but ticketed with limited availability, register your interest and we’ll hit you up when bookings open.



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