21 Jun 2017

Why I Move – Jon Beney

For our series of films, Why I…, we met creatives from Hull to find out what inspires them and why they create.

The first film in the series Why I Move tells the incredible story of Hull dancer Jon Beney.

Jon has focused mainly on his rugby career since the age of 16, but after suffering from a head injury playing for Hull Kingston Rovers, his rugby career was cut short. He then rediscovered his love of dance and went on to train at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He has also set up his own dance company Y Dance and teaches dance  in Hull.

Jon has toured all over the world and has also been instrumental in gathering local groups to participate in the nine-day extravaganza (In)visible dancing from 23 June – 1 July. For more information about this free event – see more here.

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